My $29 Purchase at WalMart Turned into $100…

We decided to head to Wal-Mart today after I dropped Kelsie off with her Dad. Well, Steven and I walked around and checked out the clearance and some of the leftover “Christmas” stuff that we could use now.

So we go and check out. Got a TON of stuff for 29 bucks. Sweet. Out into the cold we go. We hurry to get Aubrey and everything into the car (WAY COLD) So we’re pulling out of one of the side entrances and a big truck pulling in stops and motions at me. “You have a flat tire” GRRREAT. So I whip back around into the Tire and Lube Express area. My rear driver’s side tire-yup definitely flat. Did I mention Great already?

We get Aubrey back out and go inside. Guy pulls my car in. Few minutes later “You’re going to need a new tire.” Shows me the puncture in the SIDE of the tire. Flipping Sweet. I made sure they knew I was not happy considering my tire went down in THEIR parking lot. My tires were just three months old.

Walked around WalMart for another 45 minutes. I’ve totally figured out who their “undercover” Loss Prevention guy is. Steven refers to him as my stalker though because he looks like an older version of an old boyfriend I had and we seriously see him in EVERY part of the store. Dude, I highly doubt your getting tampons.

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