Must Do Monday-July 26th Meme

Must Do Monday-July 26th Meme 1

I hoped to make a meme of “Must Do Monday” We all know how it can be to have a ton of things to get done at the start of the week so this is a great way to keep yourself accountable by creating a physical list of what you need done this week. Show your support of one another to get on those lists for the week.

  1. Call and follow up with ALL doctors since I obviously have had no luck getting Skelaxin. Can I admit since I’ve been off it, I am SCARED to go to physical therapy because of the pain and how weak I feel now?
  2. ORGANIZE! I need to go through things in the girls’ room, I need to go through Steven and I’s room, as well as the “living area”.
  3. Start looking at vets in the area. The kitties are up to date on all their stuff but I need to make sure I know of the closest and affordable vet just in case.
  4. Clean out our car. The girls have random toys in there, we’ve got random water bottles, etc. in there. It needs “Freshened” up.
  5. Call into pharmacy and take care of all my prescriptions that need filled. Oh joy.
  6. Prob try and get myself to the chiro at least twice this week to try and help some more.
  7. Plan a family night for when my Mom can come up and visit and have some fun! (By the way, July 25th was her 44th birthday so Happy Birthday Mom :P)

What is on your Must Do List?

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