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Parents of little children who are prone to potty mouth now have a valuable tool in their parenting arsenal, thanks to Munchkin, Inc., designer and manufacturer of clever infant and toddler products. The company today introduced its Naughty Mouth Soap—the latest addition to its collection of cleaning products—offering parents everywhere a non-toxic but foul-tasting deterrent to stop the future use of inappropriate language.


“Munchkin has always been committed to finding the simplest solutions to make parenting easier, and we know ‘It’s the Little Things’ that make a big difference in parents’ lives,” said Steven B. Dunn, chairman and CEO of Munchkin, Inc. “Recognizing that parenting brings its fair share of challenges, we are thrilled to pay tribute to a good, old-fashioned parenting technique by offering a safe way to rid your tot of bad language. The valuable life lesson provided by our new foul-tasting Naughty Mouth Soap will be remembered for years to come.”


Just like other Munchkin cleaning products, the new Naughty Mouth Soap is natural, and free of harsh chemicals, parabens and dyes. Available in five ill-tasting flavors, each addresses a specific behavioral situation, including Whining Wasabi, Lying Liver, Spoiled Child Spoiled Milk, Vulgarity Vomit and Extra-Strength Sour Pout Face, which features a foul-tasting concentrate ideal for even the most challenging personalities.


Munchkin’s Naughty Mouth Soap affords parents with a highly effective technique to undo verbal disrespect, ridding toddlers of potty talk. It can also be used to break the habit of mimicking an older sibling’s profane language or showing their parents unnecessary attitude.

To celebrate the launch, parents who visit the Munchkin Facebook page today, April 1, may enter for a chance to win free products.


To learn more about Munchkin’s new cleaning products, please go to


About Munchkin, Inc.

A privately held, global company headquartered in North Hills, Calif., Munchkin, Inc. creates baby products that excite, delight and make life easier for today’s parents.  Founded in 1991, Munchkin, Inc. has always placed great emphasis on innovation, redefining what baby products can achieve.  As a result, Munchkin has reinvigorated the category with improvements such as a 2-in-1 bottle brush design and White Hot® Technology that lets moms know if the bath water or the car interior is too hot. A strategic partnership with Church & Dwight Co., Inc., the maker of ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda, resulted in a line of diapering products that work with pure, natural baking soda, including the ARM & HAMMER™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin, winner of the American Baby Bests Award. Munchkin, Inc. has won more than 40 industry awards, including multiple wins of the coveted Target® Corporation Partner Award of Excellence, the ASDA stores partnership award, and the Toys “R” Us 2011 and 2012 Vendor of the Year awards. Endorsed and recommended by sleep and safety experts, medical professionals, toy specialists and parents, Munchkin products can be found at retail outlets internationally. For more information, visit

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