Mothers Day Gifts-Luxury Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

Mothers Day Gifts-Luxury Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat 1

With Mothers Day just round the corner, you still have plenty of time to plan ahead and make sure you’re able to properly spoil your Mom! Maybe you rely on Mom’s support more often than you realize? Well here’s your chance to say thanks! Sometimes Mother’s Day is upon us at short notice – the date changes every year and it can be easy to forget. Plan ahead this year, and shop for Mothers Day gifts in advance…

So how best to pamper Mom and give her an indulgent gift? You can’t really go wrong with luxury chocolate – a special rare treat! See Hotel Chocolat for a spectacular range of the most delicious and sumptuously-presented Mother’s Day chocolate gifts…

Mothers Day Gifts-Luxury Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat 2

The Hotel Chocolat Mother’s Day range is now available online, along with a fantastic selection of Easter Gifts. The All About Mum Gift Collection contains an array of luxurious chocolate gifts making up a perfect pampering package for appreciated mothers! The collection includes eight Mother’s Day-themed chocolates, a ‘Rocky Road’ slab, bags of both dark chocolate hearts and caramel drops, and six fruity Eton Mess chocolates…Mothers Day Gifts-Luxury Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat 3

If you’re looking for a classic chocolate box gift, see The Sleekster All About Mum Selection. Within this opulently presented box are twenty-eight chocolates, with recipes including pralines, caramels, truffles and fruity combinations! A smaller boxed selection is the All About Mum H-Box Selection – containing fourteen sumptuous chocolates, again with fruits, caramels, and lavishly-decorated rich chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat is a well known brand amongst committed chocoholics – famous for making chocolate with a fabulously rich and deep flavour. The company has a strong belief in only using the finest ingredients, and is the only British chocolatier to have its own cocoa growing estate – the Rabot Estate on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. There’s a wide range of fine cocoa chocolate available online from Hotel Chocolat, along with gourmet chocolate cuisine ideas and a wealth of other information for the chocolate lover. Visit now to see the full range of Mother’s Day gifts, along with a spectacular Easter chocolates range, featuring on enormous 1.4kg giant ‘ostrich’ chocolate egg…

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  1. I actually just told my husband that I am no longer interested in eating chocolates (like the cheapo Russel Stovers Valentine’s heart thingy) unless it is HIGH QUALITY. This will be a good link to send him for a mother’s day idea!

  2. Oh, my… is probably best that I didn’t know about this chocolate! It sounds like a chocolate lover’s dream!

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