Mother Nature-I Hate You.

That’s right I said it. I Hate Mother Nature. Why? Because now you are trying to ruin my Christmas. Friday Morning, I am supposed to drive to get Kelsie. Then I would be turning around to head to my Mom’s house. I’d also planned to get my Grandma and bring her to share Christmas with us.

Well Yeah. Mother Nature wants to piss in my cornflakes.

Freezing Rain has begun. By Friday morning, you guessed it. It is expected “Travel Not Advised” as the freezing ice is then covered by snow. You’re mean. Is it really that hard to let my TWO YEAR OLD daughter come home for Christmas? This year has sucked already. But you have to come and be more icing on my cupcake.

And there is no way my Grandmother deserves this. This is our first Christmas without Grandpa, her husband of 54 years. I don’t care if I’m snowshoeing it all the way down there (Hmmm a 45 min drive normally….) to be with her. I will not allow Grandma to spend Christmas alone.

Mother Nature. You SUCK.

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  1. I am so sorry and hope that Mother Nature listens to your complaint and provides safe traveling conditions.

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