Mom’s Day-to-Day Electricity Saving Tips to Protect Mother Earth

Mom’s Day-to-Day Electricity Saving Tips to Protect Mother Earth 1

The image of mothers throughout the world is that of a nurturing and caring personality. This being the case, these are qualities that society should tap in the effort to halt environmental degradation. Problems arising from unchecked avarice for energy now threaten an unmitigated disaster thus calling for immediate action.

Critical Role of Mothers in Saving Electricity

These problems include global warming, which has precipitated freak weather patterns, natural resources depletion among other effects.  Well, mothers’ input comes in handy to protect humanity‘s existence because in most homes they are directly in control of power usage.

If you check in every household, moms are in control of important household appliances such as cookers, ovens, water heaters, cleaning machine and dyers among others. As such, they are an integral part of any household’s attempts to initiate energy efficiency practices.

Saving Electricity in Mothers’ Day to day Activities

With this hindsight, it is obvious that every home can save a lot on electricity if the matriarch of the house initiates this effort. Some of the creative ways you can help as a mother to save electricity include:

  • Adjust the thermostat: If you are at home then you need a functioning AC system to keep the indoors cool. However, you note that you rarely spend time in one room when you are trying to spruce up the whole house. As such, adjust the dial to higher than 78% when you are not using it.
  • Unplug electronic appliances: You have always heard that switching off saves you power but most electronics have standby mode. As such, unplug the games console, cable box, TV and video machines. These are the worst energy wastage culprits according to the U.S EPA.
  • Turn off the lights: The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that the average monthly household consumption of electricity is 920 kWh. The figure is astonishing and highlights the need to cut wastage. As a mother, start by turning off the lights that are not in use every time and your family will soon pick the habit. The savings are incredible, as you will see in your next bill. . To augment this check with to get the best electricity plan to help you save even more.
  • Close doors and windows during the day: On hot days, you need to retain cooled air indoors. This in turn relieves your HVAC system, as it will not work overdrive to cool the house while using a lot of power.
  • Let in the breeze at night: If possible open your windows at night to cool the house using natural air. This saves you a lot of money considering a heating and cooling system is one of the largest consumers of energy.
  • Always run full load for the dishwasher: You should wait until you have a full load of utensils to clean before turning on the washer. This improves efficiency because the appliance consumes the same amount of energy to power the machine irrespective of the load.
  • Dial down your water heater temperature: There is no reason for maintaining high temperature for the heater when at home yet a normal setting works perfectly. A temperature of 120° serves perfectly well and when you are away make sure you dial it to the lowest setting.

Saving on electricity is all about making lifestyle changes and sticking to them. You will help save the planet while enjoying immense cost savings.


Susan Nichols is an environmentalist with over 30 years’ experience in hundreds of energy conservation projects. She blogs regularly on importance of electricity plans comparison platforms such as in enhancing consumer energy consumption awareness.


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