Mom’s Back to School Survival List

Mom's Back to School Survival List 1

Can you believe we are weeks away from the start of school. While we are all working on school supply lists, back to school clothes and more, have you thought about the needs of Mom? Let’s admit it, Moms have a few things they need for “Back to School Survival”.


Here’s our checklist of must-haves to help Mom manage the house with Back to School season!

  • Cascading Wall Organizer. I personally have this and love it. I’ve used my label maker to make spots for bills, school papers, health, etc. You can easily use this for organizing your family, organizing your home business, and making sure you have everything in the same spot when it comes to running your household.Mom's Back to School Survival List 2
  • Dry Erase Calendar Board. Having a dry erase calendar is perfect for keeping track of appts, when bills are due, school days, and more. Keep track of when your kiddo is in charge of snack day, early dismissals, open houses, and more.

    •  Fine Point Dry Erase Markers. Take your organization to the next level by color-coordinating. A color for the entire family, a color for each child, bills, etc. I love having Fine Point Dry Erase Markers so things don’t blur together and I can know what appt is for who.
    • Mom's Back to School Survival List 3Mom's Back to School Survival List 4Label Maker. When it comes to organization, labeling things has helped in so many ways. There are plenty of options when it comes to label makers but if I was to pick one I love most, I love my DYMO Label Maker. You can grab cartridges with different colors, for fabric, embossing, you name it. Mom's Back to School Survival List 5
    • Mom Planner. Mom’s need more than just a calendar. We need every detail right at our fingertips to make sure we’re on top of our game.Mom's Back to School Survival List 6
    • Colored pens. You bet. Take your organizer to the next level by color coordinating as well. Pilot Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens are one of my favorites. It’s also one that seems to disappear from Mommy’s desk the most, so I’m not the only one loving them 😉
    • Germ Fighter Essential Oil Blend. Last year, we were sick within the first week of school. Let’s face it, back to school means back to germs. I learned about Plant Therapy at the end of the school year but the Germ Fighter Blend is a MUST. There are multiple uses and you can make your own cleaning spray with Germ Fighter, as well as diffusing or applying it topically.

What is on your Mom’s Survival Guide for Back to School?

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