Mommy’s Worst Nightmare

Finally allowed something to drink

While I disappeared over the last 24 hours from much of online except for what I could update on Twitter, we are happy to say that we were able to bring Aubrey home after an extremely scary experience yesterday. While it is “good news” that she is back to normal, it is also bad news that we have no idea what happened. I am still “re-couping” myself a bit so this is the information sent to friends on what occurred. Please, I apologize if I am not as fast as I normally am in responding to e-mails at this time.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for the thoughts and prayers. Seriously, seeing the comments last night showin up on my Facebook kept me sane. I was crying and in hysterics especially when they put her under.

Yesterday morning, we woke up doing our morning routine and got Aubrey ready to get in the shower with me. Was in and out of bathroom for toys and at what point caught Aubs splashing in the toilet. Only “poison” I could think of her ingesting as we have those blue toilet bowl cleaner drop ins. She gets in the shower playing with me just fine and called for Steven to come get her out to get her dressed and ready. Steven yells for me and I came out to the living room to her falling over backwards trying to stand up. Both Steven and I were trying to get her to stand up and she would fall over, almost like someone drunk as hell, best way I can describe it. Her face just looked blank and dazed like she was ready to pass out. We tried getting her to walk and boom fall over.

We took her to the Nevada ER and thank god the nurse who always takes care of me was there. Aubrey is falling for her, she doesn’t fight them checking her vitals, ears, nothing. She started to get better but still falling every few steps and then got extremely violent-Biting me until I bruised, grabbing my hair as hard as she could (the nurse had to pull her off me at one point just so I could “recoup”)

The doctor here started talking of a head CT and so forth as her tox screen, blood, urine, everything was normal. He talked to a ER Pedatrician down at Mercy Hospital in DSM and it was then decided we were headed to the Children’s ER in DSM. Aubrey and I were taken by ambulance so we could keep her monitored.

Got her there as Steven had to shower and take care of his surgery wound. She was falling still and violent but they have “Child Life Specialists” that came in and started playin with her as they saw I was worn out. Thank god. But then came IV time and I was forced to lay on one arm with her little feet restrained between my legs. About six pokes later, an IV was finally gotten into her poor little foot. Finally, Steven got there and then my Mom, followed by my little brothers.

First was a HeadCT that we kept her awake for but she was sedated a bit. I was allowed in with her to hold hand and one of the nurses stayed playing with her to keep her still. The HeadCT showed nothin (sorry letter sticking) and in came anestisiology to discuss the next decision an MRI.

Finally allowed something to drinkI was put on the bed with Aubrey and Mom came with as far as we were allowed before they took her from me. That was the most horrible experience watching her scream over the doctors shoulder and reaching for me. My Mom practically had to pick me up off the hallway floor as Steven was entertaining my brothers. She was brought back at 7:50 PM and we were forced to sit in an empty waiting area until Mom and I started walking and an ER Nurse saw us and grabbed saying she was awake and she was about to get her from recovery. This was 9:45. They rolled her out and she was clearly agitated, coughing, and just sore. They had gotten a new IV started in her arm while she was under.

We got back and nothing on MRI. We were then taken up to Pediatrics for the night. That was hell to get her to bed. Steven was finally able to get her some milk and rock her and then she was put in the “crib” with me holding her all night.

This morning, she woke up and was bright eyed and bushy tailed. We got her out of bed and cleaned up and she was practically running down the hall.

So we have no answers. We do not know if something was ingested that would not show up on the tox screens but we were told if it was to happen again, that we would have to do an EEG to see if there are any possible seizures.

Here little arms are so bruised but she is home and playing, you can tell she is still worn out from anesthesia.

As we have been home today, she still is having “grumpy” moments, I can imagine from the anesthesia still and all the pokes. I have no idea at how many times she was stabbed in an attempt to start IVs but I’ve seen close to 10 punctures atleast. She is sore and I can imagine. She’s had a yucky yucky cough that has slowly diminished but is still there. I am guessing from anesthesia, the tube in throat, as well as lots of screaming.

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  1. Just a clue, sometimes a mini stroke will not show up on a CAT scan or an MRI for about 24 hours after the incident.
    The reason I know this is my mom had over 14 strokes and some of the behavior you described reminds me of her behavior. Right after the behaviors the ER Docs did all the normal stuff CAT and MRI and it showed nothing. Yet, a neurologist that was called in said they needed to wait 24 hours and do the MRI’s again. Sure enough, 24 hours later the mini stroke damages would show up. My mom kept getting better after them, except the last two strokes she had which weren’t mini, but major strokes.
    Even children can have strokes, case in point my Cousin’s son died of one in his sleep, he was still a child.
    I’m not trying to scare you, just if they test for seizures and find nothing on an EEG, I’d ask for another MRI, as well as having her carotid arteries in her neck checked out to make sure they formed correctly and do not have any malformations that might at times inhibit the blood flow to the brain.
    I’ll say a prayer for her right now. God Bless your family.

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