Mommy Want’s Mother’s Day Flowers!

Thanks to Colombia Flowers, I got the great chance to bring some colorful Gerbera daisies out for Mother’s Day! I was able to make a fun Mother’s Day topiary and of course, what Mother doesn’t love flowers?

Flowers have been around me my entire life. Being outside when I was little with my Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa was a big deal and it was fun to watch all those beautiful flowers GROW. It’s amazing how something that starts out soo small can turn into something so big.

I’ve never really received flowers that I can think of. Kelsie’s dad got me some roses after she was born. I *think* I got a rose for my graduation. I have a white rose from my Grandpa’s funeral that I have kept, I wish I had a way to keep it save forever.

Flowers are beautiful and have such amazing meaning.

But with flowers, I’ve also learned to pass on what causes me happiness. Because my grandmother is the individual who loves flowers the most, I knew she would love some bright flowers in her home. So my Mother’s Day Flowers were passed on to my Grandma. Why? Because she deserves to have some smiles given back to her. She’s given all of us plenty of smiles as I was growing up and it’s my time to give back.

She has been a great role model to all and I’m glad to share my “Mother’s Day Gift” with her. I can call her and ask her any baby question I might have, or I can call her just to chit chat. Either way, I always know my Grandma is all ears. The woman has a heart of gold. Just this past weekend, she got to witness Aubrey really crawling (NO ARMY CRAWL) for the first time. I love seeing her face light up when my little girls are around her. She’s done so much and it’s been well, a mean and rotten year. She deserves nothing but happiness.

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  1. beautiful flowers! Very sweet of you to give them to your grandma! Happy (early)Mothers Day<3

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