Mommy Likes Fast Cars

I LOVE cars. When I was little, my grandpa did car shows with a BEAUTIFUL 1978 Gold Trans Am. Original 8 Track Stereo, leather interior. That car was precious. I remember going to car shows with Grandpa and checking out all the cars. 1978se

“Grandpa, is that a 68 Cadillac?”

“Nope, 67. But good guess”

He inspired many of my loves, and of course, he’s the one that got me loving cars. Yes I am a tomboy. Did that tattoos not give it away? Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a “tomboy girly girl” Does that make sense? I love my cars and getting dirty but I also love looking my best. Who knows what you call me haha.

I’ve driven a Mustang. I’ve driven a Scion TC. I’ve rid in several “street cars”. There is just something about hearing those cars go that make me drool. Yes, I’m an adrenaline chaser.

So of course, I’m excited about  Fast & Furious. The original cast is back (more droolworthy good times). Being Mommy, it’s tough to go out but yes, I’m going to Fast & Furious tonight. I’m in Loooove. I can see myself in a car like this, what about you?

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  1. I read in the paper that they were getting ready to shoot a 5th Fast and Furious movie.
    I’m a big Mustang fan. I’ve owned 3, one of which was the new body style, a 2005, but I had to sell it cause the payments were starting to kill us. *sniffle* I have to say, though, my favorite of the three has to be my ’98 was faaaaast! vroooooom…teehee.

  2. Yeah, there will definitely be a 5th Fast and the Furious. That movie was amazing! Loved every minute of it. I called Grandma and was telling her about it and the Chevelle.

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