Mommy Jenna, Help! My Baby is Grinding Their Teeth

Mommy Jenna, Help! My Baby is Grinding Their Teeth 1
Baby smiling with teeth

Teeth grinding, or Bruxism, can start as young as, well, when teeth develop. Learn what to do if your baby is grinding their teeth, here.

Seeing your baby sprout their first teeth was an exciting moment for you. But it was also the start of yet another problem you’ve never had to deal with as a parent: teeth grinding.

The reality is, teeth grinding, or bruxism, can start as young as, well, when teeth develop. However, you can put a stop to it in a few simple ways.

Here’s a rundown on what to do if your baby is grinding their teeth.

Let’s get started!

Promote Pre-Bedtime Relaxation if Your Baby Is Grinding Their Teeth

To get your child to stop grinding, try to introduce stress-reducing routines before bedtime. 

For instance, consider using white noise and lullabies to soothe your child before they hit the hay. Storybooks and loveys may also work.

You could also use sweet talk at bedtime to help them to drift off more easily. Even a pacifier can work wonders at this developmental stage as well.

Additional Relaxation Tips

Diffusing lavender in your baby’s room can further help them to feel calm and thus reduce their chances of grinding at night. Simply add a handful of drops of this type of essential oil to your diffuser every evening.

Essential oil diffusion around a baby is not only safe but also calming and soothing for them and everybody else in the home.

Also, try to avoid giving your child any caffeinated products, especially before bedtime. The same goes for sugar: try to minimize their sugar intake during the day, particularly before bedtime.

Another wise move for curbing teeth grinding in babies is to give your child between a half hour to an hour of quiet time before they start their bedtime routine. Turn the TV off during this time, and dim the lights. This will give your child plenty of winding-down time.

A massage and warm bath can also help your child to relax more quickly. 

Introduce a Mouth Guard

Yet another way to help your child to stop grinding their teeth is to give them a night guard, like the Brux Night Guard tmj mouth guard.

This night guard will keep your child’s teeth from touching and also relax your child’s jaw. This will ultimately protect their teeth from additional wear.

Also, note that no choking risk appears to be associated with wearing a night guard. 

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