Mom Wants to be Lazy!

This is Mom gets to be lazy day.

I’ll be changing diapers, giving baths, feeding babies, having sweet potatoes raspberried at me, blogging, checking e-mails, responding to e-mails, Twittering, visiting some mom blogs, doing dishes, cleaning out the car, going back to learning some more HTML.

That’s right, it’s a lazy day. Hows your lazy day?

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  1. Visiting my darling baby nephew, having lunch with a friend, and trying to unplug my blocked ear!!

  2. Sounds like a BUSY day to me! My lazy day is going to be taking kids to school, cleaning house,cooking dinner, storytime!

  3. Not say lazy here either. I’ve been cleaning up a lot of pee today. Ummmmm motherhood! I LOVE it.

  4. How is that lazy girl??? I’ll be mainly home schooling and reading blogs…. And checking the latest twitter dash between Kutcher and CNN!!

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