Migraines Suck

I have a neurology appt this afternoon and I’m not looking forward to it. Why? Because I feel like I’m getting nowhere with the medical providers in Ames. This is something that is brutal and no one should have to deal with. Can you learn to deal with my foot…..Nevermind.

Two Years of Headaches. A headache EVERYDAY. The severity is what changes. Somedays ok, just a nuisance. Other days, why won’t you all just leave me alone? migraine

Last neurology-they gave me “samples” it was four pills. You can only take 4 times a week. Umm….how am I supposed to know which headaches to use them for? Bueller….Bueller….

We tried Cymbalta. I’m sorry. I like my brain function. When all I want to do is sleep and trying to type a blog post results in me staring aimlessly at the computer screen…yeah um, I always have something to say.

I’ve done chiropractic care. Yes I’ve been to eye doctor. No it’s not triggered by anything specific. No it’s not my birth control (I had them while I was pregnant with Aubrey and have been on birth control since I was 16 and never experienced these in my life)

Can you see why I don’t want to go to my appt. today. They all suck. Maybe I’ll hit them in the head with a hammer then we can discuss how it really feels.

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  1. I was wondering if you have ever tried cutting white flour out of your diet completely. Doctors don’t tell you that headaches are a sign of gluten intolerance. Not celiacs or anything so severe but an intolerance. Cutting white flour out of my diet changed my life. Fortunately there are a lot of great substitutes out there now. Rice flour pancakes and crackers are great.
    Good luck to you!! Also ask your doc about taking manganese supplements. Migraine headaches can be caused by a defecit of manganese.

  2. Sorry to hear about your headaches/migraines. Have you thought about acupuncture? It’s worked wonders for me for pain relief (not headaches, but I know others who swear by it for their migraines as well). Hope you find some relief soon!

  3. Yeah, I probably would’ve asked that one doctor how he’d like ot deal with my foot up his butt – sideways.

  4. I know I get some really painful migraines and headaches I’ve had them for years. Mine are normally triggered by certain foods though. I hope you can get some answers and some help.

  5. My daughter and I are so prone to migraines all the time. If you ever get them under control please let me know what it was that you did.

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