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Mommy Jenna

Migraine after Migraine

So forewarning. This is a downright vent.

My mom knows this week has been going horrible for me. Yesterday was just a tearful day (I might discuss that later, I haven’t decided whether or not to bring it to the blog)

Today I have a dentist appt b/c I have a hole in a tooth, something chipped or something over the weekend. This dentist I can go to is ALWAYS packed like think a few months out so of course when they told me I could go today I had to jump on it.

My Mom decides to CONFIRM last night after I left her a message saying I had to go to dentist that we will be doing Thanksgiving today. WHAT!?! Steven is working and then I have to go to the dentist and have a drill in my mouth! Yes Mom, I’m going to be SOOO excited to eat today. GRRR

Then to add to it, we scheduled Aubrey’s baby dedication for this weekend at our church. We’ve been telling everyone since the day we planned it and I’ve been bugging my mother to take work off to be there. I mean, she’s the only grandparent that can participate right? Well, friends can’t come. Okay FINE. Talking to my mom today she tells me she hasnt asked for it off b/c it’s a week away. UH WHAT!?!?! So my mother does not intend to go to it either. I have to talk to Steven but yes, I don’t think we are going to do it this weekend. I mean this is supposed to be a GREAT event and we have no one to share it with us.

Okay I’m done. Thanks for bearing with me. Ya think it’s ok to bring some alcohol to Thanksgiving?? Maybe I’ll wait to go to my moms and CHOP THE HAIR OFF FIRST!! That or rip it out 😉


  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through all that Jenna and I totally understand how frustrating that is!!!

    Baby dedications are a big deal and it is sad when family can’t be there! I pray that everything works out beautifully and you have a really great day after all!!!


  2. Aww! The worst possible time to have to deal with both a huge family gathering sans hubby and to enjoy the awesomeness of Thanksgiving food!

  3. sorry to hear your day pretty much sucked… I HATE going to the dentist for anything but can see why you’d need to go-hopefully it wasn’t too painful! You know, it is always like this around the holidays. Just grin and bear it-you will get thru it soon enough. Then you can start counting down the days to Christmas 🙂 Have a good thanksgiving!

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