Life in the original Plymouth

As soon as children are old enough to understand the basics of Thanksgiving, the story of its roots in 17th Plymouth, Massachusetts, is told in schools and homes across the country.

It’s therefore not too surprising that kids and grownups alike are fascinated by the origins of this most important of celebrations, making the original Plymouth, across the pond in the UK, a place of intrigue, myth and captivation.

So what is life like in this southern English town and what would modern day visitors find if they took the return trip back to the UK today?

Where is it?

Located around 190 miles south west of London in the historic county of Devon, Plymouth made the perfect departure point for Atlantic crossings to the New World.

In fact, passenger ships still leave port everyday bound for national and international destinations in the UK, France and Spain.


What is there to do?

With a history stretching back to the Bronze Age, visitors to Plymouth can enjoy a wealth of cultural and historic attractions as well as the stunning surrounding countryside and local beaches.

As the city boasts such a rich history, it’s not too difficult to imagine what life was like here when the pilgrims set off on their famous voyage.

Indeed some homes in Plymouth date from the 17th century and would already have been standing when the Mayflower visited the city.

If you want find out more about Plymouth’s connection with the Pilgrim Fathers while you’re in town, head to the Mayflower Museum or the Mayflower Steps close to the city’s waterfront.

Nearby attractions

As well as cultural and historic attractions in the city center, visitors to Plymouth have a variety of activities and day trips available just outside the city itself.

From the rugged beauty of the nearby Dartmoor National Park and the imposing Buckfast Abbey to Wonwell Beach and the Plym Valley Railway, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to exciting, unique and entertaining attractions to keep them occupied.

Whether you’re visiting the city to learn more about the Mayflower and what life was like for the Pilgrims before they set off on their famous voyage, or simply to explore an area of outstanding natural beauty and important maritime history, a trip to historic Plymouth is guaranteed to hit the spot.

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