Let Me Represent YOU at BlogHer 09!

Would you like to see your product/company featured at BlogHer? Are you looking for a unique and fun personality to make your company stand out? For those of you looking for avenues to be seen at BlogHer, I might be able to help you.

This Mom is looking to create new contacts and establish relationships with the great amount of individuals that make the blogging world possible on a daily basis. This includes the bloggers, the companies using blogging as a way to develop their product advertising and so forth. The potential of BlogHer for companies wishing to get their products into new hands is also unlimited at this great conference.

While I might be a young or “new” blogger, I am still full of spunk. While I am 22, I am a mother to two young girls and have a unique outlook and creativity I instill in my blogging process. I have had the fun opportunity to write for MomDot in featuring Boutique Finds as well as becoming a team member with Playdate Picks. I love what I have learned while blogging and enjoy growing my relations with the people I communicate with through blogging.

To me, it is important to show why a product stands out above the rest and find ways to catch an individuals attention. Social marketing is growing and word of mouth is an incredible advertisement.

How can it relate to them in their everyday life? What is a humorous outlook that grabs a consumers interest? This Mommy has participated in various events within my community including-

  • Volunteering for local nursing homes, Special Olympics events
  • Campaign Volunteering
  • Campus Marketing Programs

BlogHer is an excellent opportunity for all individuals participating. Companies are able to reach new potential customers and teach other bloggers about their company to spread the word. Word of Mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement.

As a potential “walking advertisement” for your product, it is vital to stand out. It is more than just a way of informing, it’s a way to make a person remember your product. I am more than willing to pass product/business cards, product samples, flyer bags filled with goodies, etc. to promote your company.

While I am attending BlogHer
-I will be blogging live from events.
-The Products I am Featuring will be featured in Top Sponsors on For The Love of Baby! for an extended period of time.
-I will feature your products through the various promotion possibilities listed above.
-Twittering the various activities throughout the BlogHer conference
-Sponsored Blog Posts
-Feature products through Facebook’s For The Love of Baby Blog Fans! Group to reach further potential consumers.

UPDATE:I have purchased a BlogHer Conference Pass.

While I live in Iowa, I am only several hours from Chicago-it would be cheaper for myself to rent a vehicle and drive versus fly (which will also allow me to bring more items to draw attention to your business)

I am also hoping to split hotel costs with another one of the great bloggers I have met online while blogging.

While I am doing everything I can to lower the cost of expenses, sponsorships will make my BlogHer experience possible. Without the great companies that have seen what blogging can do as a whole, I would not be here.

Would you like to discuss how I can help promote your company/product further at BlogHer? Feel free to e-mail me at jenna@loveofbabyonline.com.

With your help, I would love to get your product the attention it deserves at BlogHer!

Thank you to the many companies and individuals that make blogging a new avenue of media!

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  1. Going out to any potential sponsors, you can’t do better than Jenna! She’s got awesome social connections, and she’s a born sales-person. I don’t even have kids yet, and she’s already almost talked me into buying some of the stuff she reviews! She’s outgoing, funny, and very in tune with the young-mom set. Like I said, can’t do better.

  2. You have the gusto to do a brilliant job for any company who is lucky to have you! Everything else doesn’t matter.:)

  3. Anyone would be lucky to have you promote their product! I know you will give it your all and do a great job! Good luck!

  4. Jenna definitely has the style to help your product stand out. You would be lucky to have her on your team!

  5. I wont be a blogher because I my little girl is expected to arrive 3 weeks before and I doubt I’ll have the energy or drive to drag my butt to the conference after that! LOL.

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