Kleenex:Share The Softness

Kleenex:Share The Softness 1

This past week, I was alerted that Kleenex was up to some fun and helping out with the upcoming cold and flu season. I’ve been known to get sick very easily so having those Kleenex in hand are a must for me. Thanks to Kleenex and their Share the Softness campaign, you can share a package and send a small box of Kleenex with others.

Kleenex:Share The Softness 2

Beginning Monday, September 27, you can visit Kleenex.com to send a free Share Package to someone who needs it, while supplies last.  You can even track the chain of sharing that you inspired via a map at Kleenex.com. The Share Package is an adorable mini Kleenex box available at Kleenex.com. Your readers can go to the site, draft a personalized message and voila – the person they select will receive a special gift in the mail.  A limited amount of Share Packages will be available.

The site might take a little bit to load with people heading over to send their care package but check it out while supplies last.

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  1. Neat! That was kind of cool. i just send a pack to my mom. i like that you can track the chain of sharing! What a neat idea!

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