Kids say the darndest things.

So this happened a few days ago but I thought it would be fun to see if you have any stories to share or atleast you can share a laugh with me.

I was in our kitchen sorting some of my soap supplies etc. Steven and Kelsie were sitting on the couch. We can know ask Kels “what does _____ do?” She’s very animated for kitty, tiger, elephant, etc. you get the point. Every once in awhile she just blurts out something random and we tell her “No silly thats not what they do”

I’m listening and laughing as Kelsie is responding. Steven asks her “What’s a Kelsie do?” she proceeds to laugh and dance a bit. Then came the part that my jaw just dropped. “Kelsie, Whats a Mommy Do?” And with pure innocence (obviously lol) I hear “DADDY!!” I pause for a second. Then the jaw dropped! WHAT?!?! I leaned around the corner as Steven burst out in laughter. “What did she just say??”

Wow Kelsie. I’m remembering that one for when you are older. Maybe I’ll use it if you don’t come home by curfew on your first date….tehehe.

So…what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard come out of your kids’ mouth? Post a blog about it if you want. I think this is always a fun subject to let everyone laugh!

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  1. lmao tahts hilarious! she was probably wondering why you were laughing at her!

    My kids are starting to make sentences, i wonder what funny things theyl say!

  2. Too funny! My 4yo tried saying ‘that scared the crap out of me’ but instead she said ‘that scared me the crap’. It was so funny I forgot to tell her she shouldn’t be saying the word crap, lol.

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