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Custom Rhinestone shirt from Just Jen

I am always looking for fun and unique ways to promote what I do online, in real life. It’s always fun to get unique and personalized clothing for my girls, so why can’t Mom have a little fun as well?

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A little while ago, I was given the chance to check out Just Jen and their incredible custom t-shirts. Both my girls got their own design from the girls and toddlers shop and everyone fell in love with the girls’ shirts when we were out and about.
Just Jen Custom T-Shirts Just For You! 2Just Jen gave me the chance to have fun with my own personalized rhinestone shirt. With so many fun designs, it took me awhile to pick out one that would be just right for me. Finally, I knew I wanted something custom and to do with everything that I do online. Obviously, For The Love of Baby! is pretty long so I decided I wanted to go with my Twitter handle. Now, we have three cats and my girls’ shirts were black so I decided to go with a white shirt, knowing I didn’t want to have a lint roller connected to me at all times 😉

I was so happy when my shirt came in time for my trip to Florida. With 22 Crystal Colors, I decided on Volcano because it had a purple blue shimmer to it that is almost iridescent. When I saw it in person, I knew I made the right choice for it.

The shirt style I picked was the Cotton Spandex Short Sleeve shirt, primarily because of the longer length. The shirt had a softer feel than most t-shirts you might grab at a store. As the Just Jen site says, the spandex also gives it some stretch, a plus with sizing running a bit smaller. I didn’t feel like the shirt was grabbing at me and I also didn’t have to do the “pull down” throughout the day like I would with a regular length t-shirt. The fabric is breathable so even while I was out walking around in the warm weather of Florida, I wasn’t getting hot from my @MommyJenna shirt either.

Orlando Florida Tooth Fairy 2 Mom Blogger Set Visit, Just Jen Tshirt

Just Jen has shirts for every occasion including bridal shirts, maternity shirts, 1st birthday, and many more! You can personalize just about anything you can dream up with the help of Just Jen.

You can stay up to date with Just Jen on Twitter as well as on Facebook!

What would you like to make with Just Jen?



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