Jishaku Leaves You on The Edge of Your Seat!

Jishaku Leaves You on The Edge of Your Seat! 1
Do you need a game that is fun to play and fast-paced? Then Jishaku is perfect!

Jishaku (jee-shah-koo) “The GAME of Magnetic Action” is a fun filled game that will have all players sitting on the edge of their seats with each play. Jishaku consists of 18 magnetic stones and a game board of slots for each magnet to be placed.

There are 3 choices of how to play Jishaku, my favorite being “I’m Out!“. Now Steven playing decided he was gonna sneak online to www.playjishaku.com and read up on all the strategies and tricks for playing before we sat down. (My husband’s a cheater I tell you!) As you place each stone into a slot in the board game, you wish to keep other magnets from jumping and connecting with your magnet. Let’s just say I think Steven reading the strategies probably paid off, as he got many laughs at my expense as I held my breath to place each stone and jumped everytime a magnet connected! Steven of course won with his strategies leaving me with half the stones in my hand! (Cheater I tell you!)

The two other game options include “Round Up”, working to attract the magnets together and “Elimination“, tracking points as you move.

Jishaku is a fun game recommended for ages 8 and up. This will definitely be a game our family will be bringing to the next family get together. Set up is quick and easy and Jishaku is a game everyone can easily learn. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Jishaku and get ready to play!

Jishaku is an awesome Playdate Pick!

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