In Line with the Trends: 3 Common Objections to Ordering Clothes Online and How Easy It Is to Find a Solution

In Line with the Trends: 3 Common Objections to Ordering Clothes Online and How Easy It Is to Find a Solution 1

Sometimes it is a lot more convenient to just order clothes online. You don’t have to worry about lines or making the trip only to find out that your size or the color you had your heart set on isn’t available. But for some people, the thought of shopping for clothes online is absolutely terrifying. They don’t trust the process or they just prefer regular old back to school shopping, shoe shopping or clothes shopping. Here are three reasons why some people prefer not to shop for clothes online and solutions.

1. Identity Theft and Privacy Concerns

A big concern for almost any online buyer is the safety of their personal information. Shoppers have to be careful with their credit card information in person and online. Even shopping in-store can pose a risk because they are storing information digitally as well. With all of the data breaches in the news, it isn’t hard to sympathize with this objection.

To protect your private data, there are several things you can do. You can purchase a gift card in a store, and use it to make any online purchases. This will safeguard your bank account and credit card information, but your name and address will still be part of the transaction. Another solution is to only shop at sites that offer a secure checkout. Look for the McAfee, TrustE or Comodo badge in the checkout along with a green padlock in your Internet browser’s search bar. Retailers like Filly Flair offer an easy and secure checkout through third-party payment processors like PayPal to increase payment security.

2. Fake Retailers

One concern is that the retailer is not really selling anything and that it is just a facade for a scam. Because anyone can set up an online store fairly easily, some consumers fear to pay for products they will never receive. 

Sites with well thought out and appealing homepages do better than those who don’t put much thought into this detail. Visual appeal is a large part of online shopping. There are a few key design factors that tend to make or break an online sale.

3. Prefer to See and Touch First

It is often said that seeing is believing. In many ways this is true. That is why many shoppers prefer to physically experience an item before making a purchase. They may want to inspect the seams, handle the fabric and examine the fit. It makes sense. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Detailed product descriptions and high quality and varied photographs of garments can do a lot to make someone feel as though they’ve seen, smelled and touched the item. Garments can be shown on and off the model. Modeled clothes should be shown in different poses. Descriptions that tell the type of fabric, the length, inseam and height of the model and size shown are extremely helpful.

Online shopping doesn’t have to be intimidating when you know what to look for and how to set up a great e-commerce experience. So, the next time you’re considering ordering clothes online, dare to try something new.

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