I’m in a Rut

I'm in a Rut 1

I just feel discouraged lately. I don’t know what it is but I seriously feel like I’m losing my mind. Soooo many ideas, so many things on my lists to get done and here I am, wondering what the heck to do next. I’ve had conversations with my doctor(s) and seriously, I feel like I’ve been going in and just having a chat session instead of figuring out a good plan. I’ve told all of them that I’m working on losing weight-no real encouragement except a “don’t push yourself too hard”. I love too that “you can take _____ med more than you have been” but yet none of the prescriptions were actually refilled. How’s that for a pain in the ass.

On Friday, I have another appt. with the ENT. I do NOT want to go. Why? Surgery is in discussion. The problem? How on earth am I to have a septoplasty with two small children? Why can’t there be an easier way. “Oh just do it over Christmas” Yeah that sounds like a great idea. My with two black eyes my nose stuffed and attempting to enjoy my children opening presents. Pbbbt. If anyone even pulled out a camera in front of me, they’d be taking pictures of their throats.

I have been working further on my Criminal Justice Degree. As I looked at a degree audit, I realized-I took classes harder than I was required to and-I need to declare an emphasis:Law Enforcement, Corrections, or Electronic Crime. Uhhh, can I just study it all?

I just feel stressed. I am overwhelmed. I am panicky. My nurse today said “You’re looking much more upbeat.” If only I could tell her I was in smart ass mode so I wouldn’t cry.

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  1. oh my sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hope you can figure out a good plan and what will work for you. Remember your health should come first HUGS

  2. I have been sending prayers your way daily, hope to see you feeling better soon and come out of the rut you feel you are in.

  3. Not trying to tell you what to do, but maybe the reason you can’t make a plan is you have too many things you are trying to include in it.
    Make smaller plans and goals. Instead of trying to put 12 things on your first plan, just put three or four and get those accomplished or running smoothly before you make a new plan with three or four new things.
    That’s the only way I can tackle things when they feel so overwhelming I can’t think or get motivated to do any of them because I can’t decide where to start first.
    I even once put everything on little slips of paper and stuck them in a paper bag and pulled out three of them.
    Those were the three I did first and so on until that bag was empty.
    Now I’m better, but sometimes I still get overwhelmed. I’m feeling a bit that way again, so maybe it’s time for the paper bag drawings again for me.
    Good Luck.
    As for your schooling pick one of the majors, you can always take more classes after that in one of the other majors to graduate with two majors, especially since they are in the same generalized field of study.
    I once knew of a woman who graduated with 3 majors, but they were all closely related because they were all in the same general field of study. She did that on purpose so she could always be employed once she graduated.

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