I’m Funny LOL

Ok. So you get a two for one deal in this post! You get to laugh at me sounding and looking scary (I guess it is close to Halloween) on this horrid web camera and me sounding like an idiot AND you get to tell me a prize you’d like for the upcoming Bloggy Carnivals! Oh and by the way, if you see a giveaway for a video recorder or just happen to want to give me a REAL Camcorder for Christmas, point it my way if you wanna keep seeing me LOL! Take it easy on me and leave me a comment after you let me know what you’d like 🙂 Oh yes and you get to stare at me blankly for the first 10 seconds…Did I mention this webcam stinks?

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  1. ok i did see a cont test over on onlinesweepstakes.com for video recorder the other day here. and well i say go with what you feel like giveing out for a giveaway as for looks well thay dont matter the real prettyness comes from in side and it dose not matter whats on the out side of some one olny what in the inside of them that matter’s the most

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