If you see me at BlogHer…

fun hair

Don’t be afraid of me LOL. Yup, I have a gazillion tattoos.  (and I hope for a gazillion more!) I’ll be rocking some crazy hair for sure, what color(s), we haven’t quite decided yet. That’s coming Saturday. And all of you Central Iowans checking out the post, you are going to get to check out Mary Beth at Hair Professionals in Ames firsthand as well! She’s gonna be the “creator” of my look for BlogHer and basically, I’m giving her free reign!


We are going to have an awesome time at BlogHer! So even if my hair is Elmo Red, or maybe some other super wacky color-don’t worry, I won’t bite. Honestly, you’ll love getting the chance to meet me if you actually do say Hi. I can’t wait to meet everyone I *see* on a daily basis. If you talk to me on Twitter, or over at MomDot, you’ve probably already gotten to know me. I know there’s still going to be some skeptics of the “Mommy with tattoos” but believe me, we’re gonna have a fun time. Yeah I might drop a few swear bombs, but all in good sport. I’m loving saying Frick though lately. It makes people laugh. And of course, with roommates like Miss Blondie, Kadi, and Cat, it’s bound to be a party!

So are you ready for BlogHer!?!?!

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  1. Well, I don’t have any tatoos, my hair isn’t any special color, and I don’t drop bombs … but I’d love to meet you at BlogHer! It is always fun to meet people put a real face with an avatar.
    Even though you didn’t ask, I vote for eggplant for the hair color. I had my hair that color in college and loved it! If you do it then I can live vicariously through you!

  2. I’m excited to see what color you go with! Any hints? You could always go with Pr “Black”out style hair. Ha.

    We are going to be the most mismatched bunch in our room, Love it!

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