I started wearing glasses when…

I started wearing glasses when... 1

I remember being in school and not able to see the school board. I knew it was really bad when I couldn’t read what was on the whiteboards (no one could read chalkboards, right?) I remember being afraid to tell my Mom that I couldn’t see the board because EVERYONE in our family has needed to get eyeglasses. I think what finally came down to be going to the eye doctor is when I failed the vision test at school.

So at 10, it was official-I needed to get prescription glasses. I looked and looked for a pair of glasses to wear and my first pair were this dark purple frame. There was a whole group of kids in my class that magically appeared with glasses around the same time. Some got straight black frames, some gold, some silver. Heck, one girl had a pair of RAINBOW frames.

Of course when I got to be a teenager, I wanted contacts. My mom and step-dad were totally against it. You want to know how I got them convinced of my “ready for contacts”? We had argued and argued it and over the summer, headed to our amusement park. Ha. A friend and I were getting on a roller coaster and a worker told me I needed to take off my glasses. “Put them right here, they’ll be fine.” Before we even took off-CRUNCH. Another worker stepped right on them. Despite my friend backing up my story, I was grounded for “intentionally breaking my glasses”. So I got my appt. to go get contacts, on top of being grounded.

I have turned into a full-time contact lens wearer but I know it’s not possible all the time and I need to have a pair of glasses for those days when contacts just don’t get along with me. During pregnancy is a time I always need glasses handy. I started looking at glasses online to find a pair. I was actually worried I would pick a pair that wouldn’t flatter my face but I was impressed. The last pair I had, I purchased online. From now on, it’s a given we will purchase online.

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