I Need to Get Healthy

Seriously. Becoming a Mom has taken a toll on me. I have not run in a 5k since 2005. Yikes. As I was going through my assessment for physical therapy, my muscles aren’t nearly as strong as they used to be. Here I thought my arm muscles were still awesome. Ha, what a joke. It took nothing for the physical therapist to push my arms down. That sucked.

I miss Dancing. I miss getting out and running. My Mom recently bought a Wii and keeps telling me how much she loves the Wii Fit and so forth. My little brothers and her have been working out with the various games every night. I wonder how much results she will see. Of course, my mom is skin and bones so there’s no need for her to lose any weight.

I need to get tone. I need to lose weight. It’s driving me nuts that I am 22 and have lost the muscle tone that I had in high school already. I had a runner/dancer’s body.

How on earth am I going to get it back!?!

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  1. I’m in the same boat. I ran in high school, but haven’t in the last 5 years. I’ve heard really good things about the Wii Fit too. I think I’m going to try it and see if I see a difference.

    Right now the biggest workouts I do are dancing around with the little one.

  2. Do it NOW sistafriend! I am 12 years outta school and want to get back “high school skinny” again sooooo bad! I’m not THAT far from it, but it sure feels like it! =) Accountability buddy!?!

  3. I am in the same boat. I try to stay fir and eat right, and then when i am in “mommy mode” it just all disappears. I have tried my friends wii fit and loved it, but it just isnt in my personal budget at the moment.

  4. jenna, i have NEVER run a 5 k. I get exercise by my stairs and carrying charlotte. But i do love dancing. I dance w/ youtube daily.


  5. It’s not easy girl, but I know how you feel. I have the Wii Fit but don’t use it as often as I should. I know a lot of women have had some great success with it though.

  6. I am soooo out of shape myself. I have a Wii Fit and hardly use it because I just can’t or don’t find the time. If you enjoy exercising you would probably push yourself and use it more than I do. I am just not a fan of exercise lol.

  7. I think you look great and you have youth so you are lucky! I am almost 36 and I am not sure I have a lot of hope. lol j/k Anyway, I have heard great things about Wii Fit!

  8. I LOVE my wii and wii active and wii fit. The boys use it too. It isnt easy as a mom but stick to the goal and you will do fine.

  9. No muscle tone at 22……just wait til you are 30! No,,, getting in shape is great just start out slow. Dont overdo your self and get burned out

  10. I need to loose a good 20lbs myself! If I could just make myself hate chocolate and fried foods I’d be great! lol

  11. TO be 22 again. I was physically fit on and off til’ I hit 34 the yr I got married. Why is that women get so dang busy we forget to take care of our self’s 🙂 I too need to get my butt back in gear before it aLL DOWN HILL

  12. oh girl. I wish I didn’t understand… But I do. And I haven’t even had babies wreak havoc! I only have myself to blame.

    can you get out and walk with the kids for 20 minutes? I know it is getting cold out, but you don’t get sick from cold weather you get sick from your immune system and germs. the more exercise yall get the better your immune systems will be.

    you totally need to get a Hoopnotica. email me,.

  13. I actually just started the NutriSystem diet this week. I so know how your feeling. I was never super fit, but then again I never looked like I do now. Can I blame my kids?

  14. I think one of the biggest challenges is stress. I know I neglect to take care of my health because my life is so hectic. But if you’ve run 5k races so recently, I think you will be able to quickly regain the muscle tone. Take heart and don’t beat yourself up!

  15. Well, having just done it myself, I suggest the Wii 😉 I also LOVE using Hoopnotica. If you don’t want to get too complex go to Walmart and get something called “resistance tubes” or “resistance bands” and use them doing the exercises they have in their booklets. Best. Invention. Ever.

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