I need my hands please…

I need my hands please... 1

Today I received an e-mail. September is Pain Prevention Month. As someone who suffers from a chronic pain syndrome, I can tell you-if you can prevent pain, you take it.

Over the weekend, I started dealing with cramping in my hands. Today after a meeting, I started having cramping in my toes. It really is hard to explain the sensation but I can tell you, grabbing a pen to write, the toothbrush to brush your teeth, it shouldn’t hurt.

So, I must take it easy a bit (something I never do ha!) and try figuring out what the heck this latest flare is.

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

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  1. My sister has these pains but for her it’s because of Lupus. I pray the pain stops for both of you guys. I know from being around my sister daily that it makes it hard to do daily activities like get dressed, cook food and more importantly play around with my niece. Well know your in my prayers. Xoxo

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