I Made it through an MRI

I braved it and had an MRI on Wednesday. The radiology dept. said based on how long ago I had my surgery with the screws in my jaw and that they were titanium-I would be safe. I was still nervous so they put me in the “Open MRI”. Well, I was still put head first into a machine. I can admit, I psyched myself out and made myself cry. Having ear plugs and head phones put on you before your head is strapped down? Yeah, it’s nerve wracking.

So now, I sit and wonder. I haven’t heard anything since then and it would be nice to know. I was told Pain Medicine Clinic needed to see the films before they would see me.

I’ve been sore and stiff. I won’t even discuss the week before moving and moving weekend. It was painful. It was scary. And for a doctor to tell me my face had gone numb from a headache? Yeah, I don’t think so scooter.

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  1. ((hugs)) scary! I panicked last time I had one- ended up having a full seizure halfway through, no fun!!

    hopefully they figure something out for you!!!
    .-= Eve´s last blog ..I Can’t Believe it is Friday Already… =-.

    1. Yikes Eve! Earlier there was a call missed from the hospital while we were gone and of course, no message so no clue what dept. would have been calling us. We called the doctor who ordered it just to check in but no return phone call. BOO.

  2. I have had tons of these & CTs & enough Xrays that I should glow in the dark!…. wait I do glow in the dark! I am super pale, LOL! I have titanium in my neck so no problems with any tests.. I was only sort of freaked once in a real tiny mri machine, tight fight & I swear my nose could touch the top of the inside! It usually takes a couple days, up to a week to get a good reading on them… unless it is an ER thing… but then they have to call in someone to read them. I am surprised they didn’t offer you a sedative before to calm you down? *hugs*
    .-= Faythe´s last blog ..From Savory to Noxious =-.

  3. Yeah, hear you loud and clear. They tell me my numbness and tingling stuff is from migraines even when I don’t have a headache. I don’t think they know and instead of owning up to it and saying I don’t know and maybe this specialist will, they just say related to non-painful migraine.

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