I Don’t Do Stress

Under tough situations and circumstances, I am a busy body. I have always been this way. Is it good? Well, I get stuff done. I smile. I crack jokes. I am a smartass.

I usually crack when I’m alone. It’s how I cope. Too often when I would try to find a shoulder in the past, I was let down. Overtime, I believe that has made me be who I am. I always attempt to lend a hand when I can and try to keep my own hurt at bay until I am alone. I like to go for drives by myself and turn the music as loud as I can. I make lists of things that need done. I Focus my energy on other things. How can I help others? What do I need to accomplish?

I turn pain into power.

I am in pain but I will continue on. And there’s nothing that is going to stop me from making this year a great one.

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  1. You already know this already, but, I think we’re a lot alike in that circumstance. I take charge of situations, and break down- ALONE later. I’m thinking about you hon. I love you.

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