I am the Mom of a Kindergartner.

I am the Mom of a Kindergartner. 1

Where does the time go? It was almost 6 years ago, my sweet Kelsie entered this world. It was a pure ice storm (with actual temperatures below zero, it was wooo).

On Friday, Kelsie became a kindergarten student. It really is true that time flies by so quickly.

I am the Mom of a Kindergartner. 2

My little girl is bright and ready to take on the world. Today as we were driving to school, she first wanted me to walk her into the school. As she saw a friend, sure enough, she was weaving her way through a group of older kids quicker than I could say “I Love You.”. You know your little girl is growing up when she’s ready to explore the world all on her own. (Yes, I’ve shed tears as well watching how ready she is to jump right in!)

I am the Mom of a Kindergartner. 3

I am proud of you Kelsie. You are smart and going to go far. We all love you so much!

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  1. She is going to wow them atschool, Jenna. Be proud and let thosevtears flow in these first few days! Been there…done that with two boys…

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