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I’m sorry I haven’t posted ALOT in a few…just been soo busy this week! Still waiting on lil Miss Aubrey to make her appearance. We have had alot going on this week. I started Iowa State on Monday. Thursday, Steven’s dad and his girlfriend Amy arrived from Florida and will be here until next Sunday. We went out to a Mexican restaurant Saturday night and Kelsie had lots of fun seeing all the other little ones around! Steven and I just had to watch her as she wanted to be like the big kids and eat the salsa with the chips-that would NOT have been good lol!

My hometown of Madrid is known for its Labor Day Celebration so we have been spending the weekend there with my mom and little brothers. Kelsie LOVES playing with her Uncle Matt and Gunnar and is also loving my mom’s new kittens. We walked around downtown Madrid yesterday but the activities aren’t as big as they normally are. 🙁 The car show today was HUGE though! While Mom was at work, we all got Subway sandwiches and headed down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. And of course, we had to sneak and buy them some sandwiches as well ;).

Tomorrow is the big parade, which is always fun. We’ll probably get up a bit early just to make sure we have everyone ready. (Mom has to work so the boys will hang out with Steven, Kelsie, and I for awhile)

I have no idea when Kelsie’s little sister will be here but I’m hoping soon! I’ve had all the signs of labor but she just doesn’t want to make an appearance yet! My midwife said that on Wednesday if I make it to that appointment, we’ll talk about induction-I dont know if I can handle that one!

Anyways, I will be drawing for the Mabel’s Labels winner and the Quote the Walls winner very soon! Just hang in there with me as I’m at the MISERABLE part of being pregnant lol! And I promise, the giveaways will pick up again more once little one is here! Love you all!

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  1. I think we all remember what it was like in those last days of pregnancy, so don’t worry about it! Do what you need to do, and hopefully the new one will join you soon! You are just making it to comfortable for her. 🙂

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