I am an EBAY Jackass….

So, if you have read back a few, I’m sure several of you saw my Blackberry post. It’s just driving me nuts and has gotten worse since that day. I decided to look to EBAY and check out some phones that were up for auction. Who could it hurt to throw twenty bucks on a bid. I mean, there was no way I could win it right? Most of those phones go for well over a hundred bucks.

I was wrong. So I did a little bidding. Got close to the auction close time and what do I discover? It’s a Blackberry with NO CAMERA. Um hi, Have you seen my blog? Yes, most my pictures are currently taken with my Blackberry as my camera has been sub-par as well (yes, I promise I am learning my lesson about buying things because they are cheap or on sale-it doesn’t always mean it’s GREAT!)

Well, I sent the seller a message asking if my bid could be retracted. I know he can say yes or no but I still feel like an ass. That’s what I get for trying to get a phone dirt cheap.

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  1. Ebay just sucks you in. It’s not really your fault at all. LOL

    Good luck, my friend. 🙂
    .-= Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog ..I’ve Lost My Mojo =-.

  2. Dang. That is a bummer! Well… you can always sell it right back on ebay, right? I know… frustrating!

  3. Oh girl, I have been there DONE THAT on ebay (Not paid attention to the full listing). I would get caught up in the moment and just BID.

    I hope he lets you retract the bid.

  4. Yikes! Were you able to retract? I bought one off ebay a few months ago and spent 150. Expensive, but was a good phone.

  5. I was an Ebay Jackass myself once! I thought I’d buy an iPod at half the price of Walmart or Best Buy. Seller had all positive feedback. When I got the iPod in the mail, it was empty. Literally a shell of a real iPod. I’d been duped. Luckily, I payed with Paypal and they have protection for certain electronics purchases. They refunded every penny, even shipping! So if you find you’ve bought something that just wasn’t right and the seller won’t work with you, contact Paypal directly. It’s worth a shot!
    .-= Cori Westphal´s last blog ..Ruthless and Toothless Review: Finally! Stylish clothes for kids! =-.

  6. I have done a lot of buying and selling on eBay and you really have to be careful 🙁 <……. learned from same type experience. Not only with the items but sometimes sellers have the auction going for a really low price but the shipping/handling costs are waaayyyyy high. There is no rule stating how much a seller can charge for handling costs (at least I don't think there is). Try not to feel bad. I think many of us who have bought on eBay have had the same experience.

    .-= jeanne´s last blog ..(3/23) A Nut in a Nutshell ~ Chef’n – This Is How You Slice It – Review & Giveaway =-.

  7. Oh gosh that is so something I would do lol.
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday Love =-.

  8. I’ve done that..don’t feel bad. If the auction is not too close to the end you can retract the bid yourself…I think it has to be like 12 hours from closing, but the form is kinda hard to find ;/ Hope it worked out for you!
    .-= Deal-ectible Mom´s last blog ..Printable Coupon: 30% Off @ Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic In Store! =-.

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