How To Keep Your Readers Coming Back

Everyone who blogs wants readers. You wouldn’t spend time planning out your posts and working on great info. if you didn’t am I right?

Here are just some SMALL ideas to make sure you keep those readers coming back to your site.

  • Respond back. When you have an individual comment on a post, check out their site (if they have one) and return the comments. This is also a great avenue to build your relationships within the blogging community.
  • Participate in Memes. Wordless Wednesday is a great option. This will bring other participants to your site and a definite way to show who you are. Catch their attention and they’ll want to read more.
  • Twitter. This “mini-blog” site is another perfect way to connect. Post when you have a new post up. Talk about what you are working on.
  • UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. A blog reader doesn’t want to come back and see “Oh hey, I already read that.” Let your reader see the new and latest post you have. If you only post once in a blue moon, you probably aren’t going to have new readers coming back.
  • THINK about what you are writing. People don’t want to hear about your ingrown toenail. Just went on a Summer Vacation? Tell people about it!
  • PICTURES. It breaks up the everyday line after line. images

That is just a small list. What keeps you coming back to a blog?

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  1. Live giveaways, fun stuff like that. The blogs I follow daily grabbed me in with live giveaways because I was able to chat with the blogger and other bloggers live, which is rare.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I need to blog hop more! That’s almost a sure way to get people coming back. Develope friendships via convos back and forth on each other’s blogs!

  3. Another tip is to visit new blogs. I always leave a couple of comments so they know I was there. Sometimes they check out my blog and follow me. Giveaways are good for attracting new followers too.

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