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How to Help Your Dog Through Canine Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition brought about by the progressively worsening inflammation of the joints, caused by the deterioration of cartilage. For any dog owner, it is a heartbreaking development causing pain, inflammation, and mobility problems in your pet. Most commonly, arthritis will affect the limbs and lower spine and is made apparent with stiffness, lameness, and difficulty getting up. You may notice small changes in your dog’s behavior like irritability, and they may be more prone to accidents in the house.

There are many contributing factors to the progression of arthritis, including age, injury, repetitive stress, or disease. As well as this large or giant breed dogs are more prone to arthritis as are dogs who are obese or have been fed improper nutrition. Genetics can play a part in the onset of arthritis, but there is still much you can do to help your friend and make them more comfortable. 

Confirm Arthritis as The Culprit

While more commonly than not, mobility problems in your dog are caused by arthritis; there can be other factors that can contribute to the issue, and you must work closely with your vet to determine the cause before you embark on any treatments. 

Degeneration of the nerves and muscle weakness are both considerations that should be explored, and torn cruciate ligaments can also present similarly and should, therefore, be ruled out. Underlying factors can be as simple as overgrown nails, so you must rule out all other possibilities first. 

Management of Your Dogs Pain

Arthritis is a painful condition, so you should give priority to the management of your dog’s pain. There are several things you can do to help your pet regain mobility and ease the pressure on their joints so they can function happily again.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been found useful in the treatment of arthritis as they decrease inflammation, thus easing the pressure on the joints. Glucosamine and chondroitin are commonly used in both dogs and humans and have been found to reduce inflammation, promote healing, and increase water retention in the cartilage.

Many dog owners are now also turning to CBD as a way of treating their animals after a double-blind placebo study found it to be useful in treating pain and reducing inflammation. Companies like CeeBeeDoo supply treats that can be used to administer CBD to your dog and the good news easily is that while research is still relatively new, CBD has no known side effects to be concerned about.

Several therapies can significantly improve your dog’s mobility and quality of life. Acupuncture, massage, laser therapy, warm water, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy are all worth discussing with your vet.

Improving Their Quality of Life

There are several measures that you can take around the home to improve your dog’s quality of life, such as laying rugs and carpet over smooth flooring so your dog doesn’t slip or putting grippy socks on your dog’s paws. Dog wheelchairs and lifting harnesses are also available, and your arthritic pet must have a comfortable bed such as a memory foam mattress. 

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