How to Get Marker Off

Kelsie is getting to the point she LOVES drawing. She holds the pencil properly (definitely right-handed) and draws wherever she can. Of course that means we have to pay close attention to her. A friend gave me some good tips for getting marker off skin.

*Soak a cotton ball in baby oil or baby lotion and rub until marker is gone.
*Spread some shaving cream on a table or highchair and let little one play with shaving cream until the marks are gone.
*Spray some hairspray into your hands and rub gently over markered areas, avoiding the eyes.

Hairspray and shaving cream can also remove stains from your table!

Hope those are some ideas to help ya!

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  1. I always used hairspray for the disasters around our house… 🙂

    Heading over from Nothing but Purple to recommend a soap scent…I love lavender for my daughter’s soaps. 🙂

  2. Oh man my daughter and son were the king and queen of permanent marker! Now I know how to get it off, I always did the just let it fade LOL

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