How to Comfort Baby After Shots

This was previously published on January 13, 2009. I know it can be tough having little ones going to the Doctor so I decided to post these tips again.

Today was Aubrey’s 4 month checkup. She is in the 95th percentile growth wise. Yay Aubrey! But then, there is the part of Well Child appts any parent hates. SHOTS. No wonder Steven sends me to do it on my own.

If you are anything like me, you can’t help but tear up seeing your little one go through it.

It’s understandable for baby to be fussy after having shots. I think it’s important to monitor behavior, etc. as when they are so young, it can be hard to distinguish between a reaction to the vaccine or if they are just in pain.

Here are some ideas/tips I have come up with to help baby deal with those tough shots.

-I have learned to always give a little bit of Tylenol before we even head out to the doctor’s office to ensure it helps alleviate some of the discomfort instantly.

-Bring along a “soothing” item to help distract baby. Obviously they won’t ignore what is going on but it helps. Today I had Aubrey’s rattle she kept in her hand as well as binky in case she wanted it.

-Don’t be afraid to get close to baby when it’s time for shots. When Kelsie was little as well as Aubrey, I get as close to their face as possible and talk gently, “You are a big tough girl…” “You’re ok, Mommy’s here” Even if they can’t speak, hearing your voice is always soothing.

-As soon as it’s ok, pick baby up and cuddle (be careful of those little legs!) Baby feeling the closeness of a familiar person is always comforting and let’s them know you are there.

-If those little legs are obviously sore after vaccines, you can place a cool washcloth over the injection site. I also think a warm bath helps baby relax-just like when you had a tense day, you can relax those muscles in a warm bath.

Those are just some ideas to help you get through those tough vaccines! I know everyone has different opinions or other ideas that help comfort little one.

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  1. Great ideas! I am still learning, my son is 7 months and I have done my best to make sure DH comes with me. Unlike most babies, mine gets shots every month. He has his normal vaccines and starting in Nov 08 – April 09 he has to have a shot called synagis, its for preemies or baby’s who qualify and is for RSV. So my poor little one goes through a lot. It breaks my heart! I hate it!

  2. Great Post! I always forget to give Britt tylenol before we go for shots! Stopping by from Harriet’s Comment Challenge

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