How Much More

How Much More 1

With enough injections to make my hips look like this, I don’t think I have a choice in getting over my fear of needles. (AND TATTOO NEEDLES FEEL WAY DIFFERENT THAN INJECTIONS!)

How Much More 2

My body is worn out. How much more does it have to take? This only takes away the “pain” for a temporary time and then I’m back to sore, exhausted.

The ibuprofen and Tylenol aren’t kicking it today. I was supposed to Benedryl. Guess what I was supposed to do with it not working? Yup. More injections. I’m keeping the ER in business.

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  1. Ouch! That’s quite a bruise. I’m so sorry about all the struggles you’re facing right now. I truly hope you can find a treatment that works well for you, or at least gives you some relief from your pain.

  2. I hear you. I don’t know how much more pain ridden people are suppose to take. I’m dealing with so much in that regards, but I don’t go to the hospital, I just gut it out with whatever minimal help switching back and forth from the Tylenol and Advil can bring me. I know that’s not good for your liver after an extended period of time, but what’s a person to do.
    I haven’t had any help from my Doctor’s and not the ER either, so I’ve given up on all of them.
    I guess you just get through one day at a time, even if you get through it in bummer way.

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