How Do "Moms" Do it?

How Do "Moms" Do it? 1
Do you ever just wonder how “Moms” seriously do everything that we do? I mean, I’m 21. I’d be afraid to see my “non-colored” hair.

There are the Moms that work outside the home. They do their jobs at work and come home and well, work some more. Kids need baths, homework help, dinner needs made, the house needs picked up. I’m sure you are getting my hint here.

Next week, I start back to school. I will be in classes Tuesdays and Thursdays. Of course, I’m sure if you’ve talked to me on Twitter, you’ve probably heard me mention all my “health crap” going on right now. It’s tiresome. And Thursday-my 2ND DAY OF CLASSES, I have to have a painful procedure done in the morning that will result in my coming home and wanting to crawl up in a little ball.

How do Mom’s find a balance? I’m going to be a Mom of two, working from home, AND doing schoolwork. I’m just thinking about next Thursday-not only because I’m stressed about it but the fact of GREAT. I’m gonna have toys to pick up, homework to catch up on, dishes to do, babies who need baths, etc.

How oh How, are Moms to keep their sanity? I really don’t think we Moms pamper ourselves or take the time out that we need. What do you do to make sure you stay (or atleast still act) SANE?

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  1. Hmmm. I hug my kids to stay sane. I am a weird mom. I am obsessively kid-centric. So holding them on my lap, rocking in a chair is my me time. I also like to blog. (OBVIOUSLY). And, uhm, I partake in Happy Hours. LOL. Every Friday! I did the working at an office/kid thing. And that gave me a lot of me time, like during breaks and stuff. But I was so sad to be away from Keegan. And I was pregnant when I was at school. And all I knew was I had to FINISH before Keegan came. So that was a great motivator. LOL. Kevin had to work and go to school and it was tough, as I demanded he be a dad too. I think i see less of him now that he is all gradumacated. (say that one out loud. LMAO). Okay…. so how do I stay sane. I think a little insanity helps you stay happy. LOL. So just enjoy the chaos, the busy times, the slow times and know that this too will pass. I wish you the best with EVERYTHING.

  2. Are we really sane? I sure don’t think I am. lol

    I wish I had answers for you but I just try to take it one day at a time. If I think about tomorrow or even the next week my head will explode.

  3. No mom can do everything all the time. Go easy on yourself!

    Your kiddos won’t remember if the floor wasn’t mopped or the car wasn’t washed…they’ll remember you reading them a book, tucking them in and making them laugh. THAT’S the important stuff.

    Good luck on Thursday! =(

  4. I wish I had an answer to that one. If only I was supermom. Some days are great and some days not so good. Like today…poor baby Rush is sick…won’t take a nap or let me out of his site. But it’s all worth it in the end.
    Hopefully you can find some time for yourself with your busy schedule.

    ps. I just noticed you posted this yesterday…how are you feeling?

  5. My husband is in awe of what I can get done while he’s at work – it’s a nice feeling when people are in awe of your accomplishments. I hope that school goes well for you! Kudos for trying to do it all!!

  6. I have 5 kids and finding balance is hard. I used to work 12 hr midnight shifts and then come home and be awake for my kids. I was always so tired. Thankfully that job is over and I sleep at night but balance is hard.

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