Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug!

Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug! 1

Happy Birthday Kelsie

Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug! 2Four years ago at about the time I am writing this, I was arguing if it was time to go to the hospital or not. You have grown so much little girl and you make me smile everyday. I looked through my Facebook pictures the other night and could remember all the different pictures I’ve taken of you. It is hard to believe that you have been with me for four years-I remember going to the hospital like it was yesterday.  Thank you for giving me the sunshine I needed in life and making me see the world from a whole new set of eyes, as your mommy.

Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug! 3You are my angel. You are my goofball. You are my peanut butter!

Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug! 4When I look at the old pictures and I look at you now, you are not my baby anymore. You are nothing but little girl. A smart little girl.

Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug! 5Happy Birthday Kelsie-Bug! 6

Happy Birthday Princess

Kelsie Heather Marie

February 3rd, 2007


7lbs. 9 oz. 20.5inches.

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