Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan and Lucas

Two years ago, our life took a crazy but amazing change when Nathan and Lucas made their entrance into the world. 7 minutes apart, Nathan and Lucas joined our family January 4th shortly after 4 pm and our entire life changed for the better.

Being a Mom is such a special thing but there’s something about being a mom of multiples that gives you a different feeling. We were NICU parents with our little guys but, we were very blessed with overall happy and healthy boys.



twins1 Copyright Jenna Goodwin

Happy Birthday Nathan and Lucas!

We Love You!

Twins Birthday

Never a dull moment with these boys!

We are blessed to have you and you are so loved. I love your smiles, your giggles, your excitement when your sisters come in the door from school.

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  1. Awww, they are adorable!! I always wanted twins (which you probably hear all the time) and never got them, but my first two are 14 mths and 5 days apart so we joke that it was close enough! 😉 Your boys are beautiful — happy birthday to them!

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