Guilt-Free Snacking with Pringles Stix.

Guilt-Free Snacking with Pringles Stix. 1

Guilt-Free Snacking with Pringles Stix. 2I have always been a snacker. Now that I’m a mom, I’m constantly go go go between classes, appts., and the everyday normal running of a household.  While it might make my day easier, it doesn’t always mean it’s easier on a person who’s dieting.

With all the meds. that I have been put on and off of for my health issues, I’ve added my name to the list of those that has set out to lose weight in the New Year. In comes Pringles Stix. These awesome 90 Calorie Packs of baked wheat snack cakes can fit right in my purse and are an easy grab snack whether I’m running out the door to class or I’m at home and just need a quick snack.

Another thing great about the Pringles Stix is my girls have fallen in love with these as well, a healthier alternative to snacking on potato chips.

Pringles Stix are available in flavors:Pizza, Honey Butter, Cheese, or Jalapeno and available in the snack aisle at your local grocery store!


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  1. I am not usually a pretzel fan but I too need to lose weight. I would like to try the cheese flavored stix

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