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Graco has been a household name families have grown to trust for years. Not only have they created products for every part of life with a little one-it is a product that is reliable and built to last.

duorider-abbingtonThe Graco Double Strollers is a MUST for anyone with two young children. This double stroller features a side-by-side design so both children can enjoy watching what’s going on around them. We have taken the stroller to the mall, out to little league baseball and have easily been able to maneuver with Kelsie and Aubrey sitting side by side.

I was nervous at first about taking the stroller out in the grassy area of the park but I was able to push it no problem to the bleachers, up to the concession stand and back. Kelsie easily climbed into her seat and out as need be, giving her more independence. When it came time for Aubrey to want her bottle and take a nap, I easily reclined her seat while Kelsie still sat upright-cheering on her Uncle Gunnar playing baseball.


  • Two three-point harnesses
  • Side by side seats with separate reclining options
  • Large Sunshade
  • Zippered handle storage-Great for keys, phone, etc. The things you always worry might fall out.
  • Two buckets below seats for plenty of storage
  • Front Wheel Lock Capability to allow easier maneuvering of outside terrain
  • Removable seat cushions allow to be laundered as needed

Some extra specifications-

Each seat holds a child up to 40 lbs.

Weighs 23.7 lbs. Open Length is 28.8″ and Open Width is 30.5″

If you are worried about “Will this fit in my car?” The answer is most likely yes. We have a small Saturn SL2 and we can slide it in our trunk and still have room for some bags of groceries.

The Graco Double Strollers is an affordable option when looking for a double/twin stroller. The SRP is $129.99 and Graco products are available at many online and in store retailers.

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  1. Sounds like a great stroller! I always get annoyed when a stroller takes up the entire trunk, drives me crazy. So this sounds like a prefect size!

  2. Great Review!! This is what i need with the twins, I love the big storage basket. My kids also argue over whose going to sit in the front. And whoever sits in the back always kicks the front seat :s I love that you can easily remove the seat padding for washing!!
    I will have to look into this side by side stroller before i travel!

  3. That’s the one thing I don’t like about my stroller…there’s always one kid in the back that wants to be in the front. Sounds like a great stroller! Thanks for the review!

  4. I’m totally impressed you can fit that in your Saturn! It would be worth looking into just for that reason alone. 🙂

  5. That’s pretty impressive that it’s an all-terrain buggy! This would be a great baby shower gift for someone expecting twins.

  6. Very cool stroller. If I ever have the need for a double, I definitely would like both kids in the front. That way, no fighting over “shotgun”. 🙂

  7. Nice video! I may have to look into this neat stroller if fiance and I have second baby anytime soon.

    1. Louise, when I said outside terrain, like I said-I was taking it to the park and getting through the grass very easily-never did I refer to it as “All Terrain” 😉

  8. Pretty awesome! I could’ve used one of these quite recently, and I didn’t realize the cost was actually pretty low. I swore these suckers sold for $200+. Thanks for info Jenna!

  9. Wonderful video review Jenna. We have the same stroller and I am only sad I didn’t get it sooner.

  10. we have a duo ride… or did until i killed it (oops, totally by accident!). i liked it at the time, but now we’ve switched to the combi side-by-side and are so much happier. more compact with all the same features.

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