Give 4 Kayleigh. Help this Beautiful Girl!

Children mean the world to me. Whether mine, a friends, or a complete stranger-our children our are world. They take over when we are no longer here.

Kayleigh Freeman is a little girl but she’s already touched many many lives. Little Kayleigh has faced alot of obstacles in this time she has been here that many of us will never be forced to face even as adults.

Give 4 Kayleigh. Help this Beautiful Girl! 1

Little Kayleigh and her family could use our help right now. Not only do they need continued positive thoughts and prayers. Several bloggers are doing their best right now to help raise money for the Freeman family and help relieve some of the financial burden and stress they are undergoing.

With this, several companies and so forth have donated a wide variety of prize packages. For your help making donations to this incredible little girl and her family, you will take the chance to win some great prizes as well.

Anything you can do to help is amazing. Blog about this little girl. Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Any social network you belong to- Get the word out on this beautiful little girl!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this Jenna! Isnt that picture of her tiny arm and the wedding ring amazing? She has overcome incredible odds.


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