Girl Scouts Cookie Season is here!

Girl Scouts Cookie Season is here! 1

It’s a time of year where many of us are on the lookout for something I’m sure we wish could be readily available year-round (although you could likely stock up and deep freeze to accomplish)! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it is officially Girl Scouts Cookie season!


Whether you find yourself cracking up for the memes posting all over social media or you’re already breaking that New Years Resolution, there’s no denying the love for Girl Scout Cookies! As Aubrey prepares to enter high school in the Fall, this marks her 8th year with Girl Scouts and I’m so proud of the hard work these girls put in.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Favorites

All cookies can be ordered online for Direct Ship or Girl Scout in person delivery where appropriate. Raspberry Rally is the newest cookie and while only available for order online, it’s been so popular, it is currently unavailable (planning new release of stock in March)

Aubrey and her troop would love your support! Support Aubrey by ordering Girl Scout cookies online today!

What Girl Scout cookies are your favorite?

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