Getting in Character with Costume SuperCenter

Getting in Character with Costume SuperCenter 1

At the beginning of the month, Aubrey had one of the biggest birthday parties I have ever put on. It was a go all out type of party. Complete with a visit from a REAL Princess Anna, I was excited for the chance to let the kids dress up and have a true Frozen Princess Party.

After looking through costumes online, I narrowed down a number of Disney costumes I knew Aubrey would love. While Aubrey did not know that their was going to be a Princess at her party, she was prepared for a BIG Frozen party, with her friends wearing their favorite Princess costumes.

Not only did I want to pick out a costume for her birthday, with Halloween quickly approaching, I needed a costume I knew she could use more than once, something that was durable, and a costume she would love to show off more than once. When I got the chance to look at Costume SuperCenter, I knew I’d be looking for multiple costumes, no questions asked. First, we had to find the perfect Princess costume for Aubrey. She quickly found a Princess Anna costume that ended up PERFECT for her special day.


Just imagine the excitement of being in your favorite Princess costume when in walks that Princess. Every little girls dream come true.

Aubrey’s birthday was absolutely perfect and picking out a Frozen costume was so much fun for all of us. She had a costume with perfect detail, and everything that I was looking for in a costume. As someone that wants a costume I know will last, Costume SuperCenter provided just what I wanted.

Princess Anna Costume

We are excited now for Halloween and will be looking deeper at Frozen Costumes for the whole family to go have some fun. I’ve even considered the twins being two little Olafs running around.

What Costumes Are You Looking for This Halloween?

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