Getting Baby-Ready: Essential Newborn Items You Need Before Your Due Date

Getting Baby-Ready: Essential Newborn Items You Need Before Your Due Date 1

The big day is looming and you are a ball of stress and excitement. On one hand, your newborn baby is almost here. On the other hand, you feel woefully unprepared.

Step one, relax. Step two, figure out what you may be missing from the essential newborn items list. You may have all you need, but it’s good to double-check.

Let’s go over the list so you can be ready to receive that bundle of joy.

The Big List of Essential Newborn Items

While many newborns may have a few special needs here and there, all of them can use what is on this list. Balancing the quantities can be a pain, but remember that restocks and additions will be a common practice, so don’t worry.

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1. A Starter Wardrobe

Beautiful babies could use some beautiful clothes. The trick with this is to not go overboard. What your baby needs are something clean and comfortable, no need for major fashion advice. 

Remember, your child grows fast, so stock up on enough clothes to keep a good, clean rotation. You don’t need a massive wardrobe when they will outgrow it in a year.

2. Quality Car Seat

You cannot drive your child home from most hospitals without a quality car seat. A car seat may be the most important investment in your baby’s life, so do not go cheap!

As well, follow all safety regulations to the letter. The regulations and suggested uses are there to keep your baby safe and have thorough testing. 

Don’t risk your baby’s life on a feeling that you know best.

3. Formula Stockpile

For mothers who are breastfeeding and those who aren’t, formula can save your life. When your baby is hungry, they need food, and formula fits that specific purpose by design.

There is no shame in formula feeding, even if you breastfeed. Formula contains the same nutrients and chemicals as breast milk and bonding with your child works fine no matter if you use breast or formula.

4. Crib and Blankets

Your baby needs a soft and comfy place to sleep. For the place itself, there are many options, all with different uses. A crib is standard, but a swing or bassinet works fine as well.

Blankets are great necessities for comfortable living. Remember to get blankets made for babies, as regular blankets can be too thick, rough, or big. 

5. Stroller or Baby Carrier

For taking your baby out and about, carrying them the entire way can get tiring. Strollers are a great and relaxing way to make sure your child (and you!) get some fresh air and sunshine.

A baby carrier can also be a fun way to take around your little one. It can also be a great bonding experience as you take in the sights and sounds of the outside world together. 

6. Diapers

The biggest thing on the list are diapers. The dreaded source of good hygiene. The chore that neither parent wants to do. 

Diapers are essential and come in many forms to consider. You can find the usual throwaway diaper at stores but they add up to massive costs over time.

Reuseable cloth diapers can be a perfect answer if you want a cheap but effective choice. 

Newborn Incoming, Brace for Information

You have your list of essential newborn items, you checked and double-checked your supplies. You are one major step closer to welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world!

For more tips about baby life before and after birth, everything you need is here. Check out our other articles for more information to get yourself ready!

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