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Get Organized with 1 Launches Online Website To Organize Your Family’s Life

Your One-Stop Website for Organizing Valuable Family Information
Boca Raton – (July 13, 2010) – Three kids, two schools, four sporting events, a vet appointment, and not forgetting to leave contact and emergency information for the new babysitter, create a very complicated situation to keep organized while on-the-go. Today, Got Family, Get Organized© announces the official launch of its organization website:, a free website specifically designed for storing all types of information for multiple family members, uses a unique and simplified approach to organizing important information for your entire family. uses the latest internet technologies to keep safe and track emergency data, medical records, summer activities and camp information, vacation details, social events and much more. Most important, you can organize your family and access your information from anywhere that you have internet access.

“As a parent, we have all experienced the chaos of keeping appointments, storing and finding important information,  remembering busy schedules, and quickly locating emergency numbers,” said Amy Morris, Author and founder of Got Family, Get Organized©. “With the launch of, every family member’s needs are taken into consideration and bring order to even the most out-of-order organization system.”

Categories for the Entire Family:
Emergency – Police/Fire Emergency Numbers, Family Contact Numbers, Utility Company account contact numbers, Poison Control, Doctors Phone List
Vacation – Dates, Hotel, etc..
Miscellaneous – Restaurant Information (takeout, dine in); Babysitter Information; etc.

Categories for each Person/Pet:
Medical – Medical Info, Medical History, Prescriptions, Immunization Records, Hospitalization History, Vision – Hearing and Dental.
School – School Staff, Class Parents, Phone Chain Parents (Snow Days), PTA Contacts, School Friends, Important School Dates, and Class Schedules (Monday – Sunday).
Activities – Important Dates, Sign-up Reminders, Notes, Scheduled Activities (Monday – Sunday)
Summer – Activities, Day Camp, Sleep-Away Camp
Pet Medical Information – Veterinarian, Appointments, Current Medications, Allergies, Feeding Schedule and Pet Foods

In addition to the sites easy-to-use format, the design and interface have been developed to provide excellent security for all information stored through a safe VeriSign SSL Certificate and encrypted data fields. Not just for families, is being used by singles, empty nesters and retirees alike. is your personal assistant and behind-the-scenes miracle worker. Amy added, “No more emergency numbers on the fridge, doctor’s numbers in the address book, prescription information thrown out and the new baby sitter lives where?”  Think of the website as your comprehensive, on-the-run, mini command center – it’s all in one place!”

About is the latest addition from Amy (Shwartzstein) Morris, author of the book entitled Got Kids? Get Organized!© is a free, hip and savvy website created by a mom for moms, dads, children, caregivers, grandparents, and families to organize and keep track of all your important information. For more information visit and on Twitter @gotfamily.

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