Get Active with Yoplait Kids Giveaway

If you have ever experienced a toddler’s eating habits, you understand how it can sometimes be a challenge to ensure they get the nutrients they need. One thing I don’t have to worry about though is pulling at Yoplaits Kids Yogurt and knowing Kelsie will HAPPILY have some!

Did you know research has shown that fewer than half of all kids ages two to 12 get the calcium they need each day? Calcium and Vitamin D are both essential nutrients for building strong bones. Though it can be challenging for growing kids to get Vitamin D, since it is found naturally in very few foods, Yoplait for Kids makes it a little easier to incorporate a delicious source of Vitamin D and Calcium in your child’s diet. Get Active with Yoplait Kids Giveaway 1

Kelsie’s absolute favorite Yoplaits would probably be Ro-Gurt Special Edition Shaggy’s Like Cool Punch and Rawberry. The Go-Gurts are perfect for when you are on the go or just a quick snack for little ones. The flavors All Yoplait Kids have to offer are sure to delight those little tastebuds.

With warm weather here, it’s time to get out and get active! How would you like to win a Yoplait Kids Get Active Prize Pack?Get Active with Yoplait Kids Giveaway 2
THREE For The Love of Baby Readers Will Win
*coupon for a free Yoplait Kids Yogurt Pack
*Insulated Travel Cooler
*Jump Rope
*Water Bottle
*an outdoor game set including a beach ball, paddle ball, and more!

Leave me a comment letting me know what your family does to stay healthy and active.

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Winners Will Be Selected APRIL 10, 2009 11:59 PM CST. Remember I must have a valid e-mail address. *This coupon offer for a free six pack of Yoplait for Kids yogurt is not valid in some states, including Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee. BUT You can still have all the other fun items!

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  1. We do pretend mountain climbing on piles of pillows. They also attend gymnastics classes

  2. We play in the backyard when the weather is decent, lots of running, climbing etc…We also take supplements to make sure we are getting what we need even if we dont eat right and we drink lots of water.

  3. We walk to school instead of drive, even when it means that I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I make sure that I’m outside with the kids playing with helps make them more active and we all have more fun.

  4. We go for long walks and fast walks to stay fit and healthy.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Our family goes bike riding weekly. We also avoid sugar. Yes we have energy and feel great!

  6. We eat healthy food and go for a walk every day. Thanks for the giveaway!
    beatspammer at gmail dot com

  7. We make alot of “meals” from scratch – the healthier the better. We also try and take vitamins just to be sure we are getting what we need. We love the outdoors – and ride our ATV, dirt bikes, etc. as much as we can.

  8. We go a lot of places that require a lot of walking. My “OpenID” is my contact email.

  9. We bought a mini trampoline. While I do my exercise video, my kids jump and jump and jump! 🙂

  10. Now that the weather is finally starting to get nice!!! We take the kids and the dogs out for the park…out to the beach or lake..we try to get outside and move as much as possible when it’s nice out, as opposed to sitting in and watching TV.

  11. We get outside (when weather permitting) and play a lot. We also just go a bike rack so we go biking a lot with our daughter in a bike trailer. When it is icky outside my daughter likes to do pilates with me. It’s very cute!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Our favorite active family activity is bike riding. we were thrilled when my oldest could ride a two wheeler last year so we could ride further than before.

  13. We go to the park and playground as much as possible. We also use the stairs instead of the elevator, to the 6th floor, and walk rather than taking transit. My daughter likes Peach yogurt the best, and Strawberry is her second favorite.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  14. We go on family bike rides to the park and walk the beach- we’re on our way to the beach in 1/2 hour.

  15. My family hikes together to stay active. We are going to Yosemite this weekend to enjoy the waterfalls.

  16. We go outside and play, Ride bikes, work in the garden, go for walks and go to places that involve walking such as the zoo.


  17. We play with the Wii Fit, Wii Sports, swim and on the trampoline (that YES, is in my living room- of course I’m crazy) 😉

  18. On nice Sunday afternoons we will go bike riding after church. THank you.


  19. We play Wii Fit and swim or play frisbee when it is decent outside!


  20. We walk a lot and ride bikes. On days where we can’t get out there’s always the Wii.

  21. We walk the dogs as a family.. Go for hikes when the weather is good… Play in the backyard…

  22. In summer we do parks, and in winter(which is like 8 mos in MN) , we do dance and jump on music.thanks

  23. I jog and the kids like to ride their bikes and play on the swingset. When it is hot out, they swim and run through the sprinklers.

  24. We like to go to the park to fly kites, play on the playground, play soccer and toss a frisbee.

  25. To stay healthy we swim, go camping, fishing, walking, hiking.
    We eat yogurt, oats.
    I have been trying new recipes using herbs.

    I the kids get vitiams everday …I take asprin too.

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