Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teens

Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teens 1

Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teens 2

If you have teenagers it can sometimes be difficult to convince them to spend more time with you and a little less time with their friends. They’re at that age where they’re starting to feel more independent and that means that they want to do their own thing a lot more, but you still crave that same quality time you had with them when you were kids, so what do you do? You find fun things you can do together that they won’t be able to resist, that’s what!

Check out these fun ideas for spending time with your teens – there’s sure to be something they’ll love:

Head to a Festival

Whether your teen is interested in pop music, gaming or yoga or reading, there are numerous festivals that cover their passions and which they will be absolutely delighted to receive tickets for even if you’re the one going with them. In fact, spending some time with you being able to share their passions is probably something that they will relish, especially since you’ll be picking up the bill!


Escape Rooms

If there is an escape room near you and you have teenagers who love a good thrill and enjoy solving puzzles they will absolutely adore the experience. Basically, escape rooms are a big, impressive game whereby you’re locked in a room and you have to solve a range of puzzles to get out again. Since you have to work together as a team to do this, it’s a great way to bond with your teens in a fun way that you’ll both love. Choose your escape room experience wisely though because there are some pretty scary ones out there!


Take them Shopping

What teenager doesn’t like shopping, especially when mom or dad is picking up the bill? I bet there are very few who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to pick up a few new outfits or a brand new game or gadget to keep them entertained. So, pick a mall and make a plan to do the rounds, stopping for lunch and dinner along the way. They won’t be able to resist and you’ll have ample time to talk as you walk to various stores, and get to know what your teen is really into via the choices they make.

Pick Up a Craft

If you have an artsy teenager, why not suggest that you start a craft project together. It can be something simple like making a family quilt out of old t-shirts or something a bit more involved such as renovating their bedroom (this is a good one if they don’t seem too keen). The good thing about crafting is that although you do a lot of work with your hands, your mind is often very free, which means you can pass the time by talking and enjoying each other’s company.


Games Night

Once a week/month,m break out the board games and line up a new title for the Xbox and play with your teen. It’ll be lots of fun and they’ll open up to you more without even realizing what they’re doing as they zap aliens or try to beat you at Battleships.

Do you have any great ideas for spending fun time with teens?


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  1. Thanks for the great ideas, Jenna! It can be really hard to get your teen to hang out… especially if you’re trying to get them to do stuff they don’t enjoy. These practical ideas had one big thing in common, doing something active that a teenager would want to do! It seems so simple, but you know I didn’t think of it. Excellent post!

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