From Trash To Treasure-How to Make Money Online

From Trash To Treasure-How to Make Money Online 1

We don’t always consider that our unwanted items might be of worth to someone else, so why not try and earn some extra cash from a good old sort out? Selling your second-hand products online has never been easier, with a huge range of auction, ‘marketplace’, or money-exchange websites to choose from. With many people a bit strapped for cash, there has been a rise in popularity of purchasing second hand goods. Here are a few suggestions of popular items currently selling well online, and where:

Catwalk of Life:

With a wardrobe full to bursting, and yet still with nothing to wear, it’s time to make some space and have a sort out of all your old clothes to sell online. Fashion-conscious buyers love finding bespoke, one-off items in online marketplaces, which they couldn’t find in shops, such as by designer brands. Clothes never been worn and still have the shop tag on are the most sought after online, but most second hand clothes in good, clean condition can be just as desired, especially vintage and retro items. So, if you’ve got clothes which have never seen the light of day, or which no longer fit you or this decade, try your luck online and turn your old rags into riches.

 Playtime to Paytime:

Toys are not just for kids, and sometimes the nostalgic value of a toy can become actual value. If a rare toy is sold on an online auction site, such as Dinky or Matchbox toy cars, Barbie, Action Man and other dolls, soft toys, board games, or book, film and TV character toys, collectors will pay prices which can sometimes rocket through the roof! You name it, there’ll be someone to buy it. So raid your old toy hoard, you may just find a miniature gold mine.

Go, Gadget, Go:

Having been superseded by tablets over the last few years, the netbook (a thinner version of a regular laptop) has been dropping in popularity. If you perhaps followed the surge for a tablet, and currently have an unused netbook which is just sitting around collecting dust, then it may be time to think about how and where to sell netbook. You can receive a very good price on sites like Music Magpie for this defunct technology, along with other unwanted electronic goods such as CDS and mobile phones. Just type in the model or variety, and see the money come rolling in!

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